Di-Menuetto Cats Chatabé

red point mitted, 27-12-2001

Ouders Grootouders Overgrootouders Betovergrootouders
Di-Menuetto Cats Flaming Star

red point mitted

Baby Dolls Casper of MT Hope

seal point mitted

Dandenong's Mr. Chips

seal point

Dandenong's El Tigre
Ragtime Sammy Jo of Dandenong
Bragnrags Lil Lizzy of MT Hope

blue point mitted

Ragnarok's Elvis of Chatandolls
Ragmatazz Misty Dee of Chatandolls
Villaroyal Lady Diana

seal tortie point bicolor

Villaroyal Tom Terrific

seal point mitted

Lonerock Charming of Villaroyal
Villaroyal Miss Molly
Villaroyal Peach Dumplin

blue tortie point bicolor

Villaroyal Timothy
Villaroyal Zipin
Villaroyal Pocahontas

seal tortie point mitted

Lonerock Champagne Charlie

cream point

Sugarpaw Jack Frost of Lonerock

lilac point

Ragtime's Hoosier Little Boy
Ragtime Merry Miss
Lonerock Polka Dottie

blue tortie point

Lonerock Ice Cream of Starlightrags
Lonerock Icing on the Cake
Villaroyal Honey Brown

seal tortie point mitted

Milkyttens Top Banana of Villaroyal

seal point mitted

Sugarpaw's Tobias
Sugarpaw Lacey of Milkyttens
Villaroyal Shine Girl

blue tortie point mitted

Villaroyal Herman
Villaroyal Little Girl


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